Sasan Jalili, Ph.D.


Sasan Jalili is an Assistant Professor at The Jackson Laboratory for Genomic Medicine. His research is focused on the application of engineering tools to problems in cellular immunology and the development of microengineered models of human (patho)physiology for multiple biomedical applications. Current efforts are focused on interrogating the immune-microbiome crosstalk in infectious diseases, autoimmunity and cancer. 

Education & Training

Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Koch Institute, 2019-present

Postdoctoral Fellow (Advisors: Prof. Darrell Irvine and Prof. Paula Hammond)

Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public HealthRagon Institute of MGH, MIT and Harvard, 2020-present

Postdoctoral Fellow (Advisors: Prof. Sarah Fortune)

Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard, 2023-present
Research Scholar Affiliate

Harvard University, Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering, 2015-2019

University of Lisbon, IST (Portugal)

Ph.D. in Bioengineering (Advisors: Prof. Donald Ingber and Prof. Joaquim Cabral)

University Hospital Basel (Switzerland), Department of Biomedicine, ICFS, 2013-2015

Research Fellow (Advisor: Prof. Ivan Martin)
Royan Institute (Iran), Department of Stem Cells and Developmental Biology, 2011-2013
Research Fellow (Advisor: Prof. Hossein Baharvand)

Amirkabir University of Technology (Tehran Polytechnic, Iran), 2006-2012

M.S. in Biomedical Engineering
B.S. in Biomedical Engineering
B.S. in Polymer Engineering

Awards & Honor

NIH Kirschstein National Research Service Award (NRSA), NIAID, Training Program in AIDS-related Research (2022-2024)

Ludwig Postdoctoral Fellowship, Koch Institute, MIT (2022-2023)

Kaufman Teaching Certificate Program (Academic teaching, course design and communication skills), MIT (2022)

Stanley (1958) and Bonnie Klein Research Travel Award, Immunoengineering Gordon Research Conference (2022)
ERA21 Travel Award, Summer School on Innovative Approaches in Science (2022)

Convergence Scholarship (Professional development- leadership and communication skills), Koch Institute, MIT (2021-2022)

Ruth and William Silen Award for Exceptional Scientific Presentation, Harvard Medical School (2019)

Portugal Foundation for Science and Technology (FCT) scholarship (2015-2019)
Lush Prize, Young Researcher Americas (2018)

Swiss Government Excellence Scholarship (SNF) (2013-2014)